Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Kirk is Better than Picard

10 Reasons why Kirk is better than Picard
Yeah, yeah- you've maybe seen this list before, but my friends Shawn and Mia Deluca got sent me this shirt, and I thought I'd wear it proudly at the next event I go to. Agree, or disagree?

10. One word: Hair!
9. Kirk would personally throw Wesley off his bridge.
8. Kirk would never sing to children in a crisis.
7. Kirk wasn't shy about taking his shirt off.
6. Kirk can beat a Klingon bare-handed.
5. Three words: Flying Leg Kick.
4. Kirk doesn't let the doctor tell him what to do.
3. If Kirk finds a strange spinning probe, he blows it up.
2. Kirk never drinks tea, ever.
1. Kirk can beat a Vulcan at chess.

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Alki Kalotis said...

Re: #10 Erm...Captain Kirk definitely had hair, but William Shatner threw a hissy fit when Leonard Nimoy had photographers on the set shooting his makeup session. Shatner didn't want his makeup filmed...enquiring minds want to know...was that a Tribble on his head?!? ;-)