Friday, June 24, 2011

William Shatner is MY Kirk.

I saw this picture here, and it just made me write this:

Look, I have no problem with Chris Pine, and the truth is I think he did a great job as "Kirk 2.0", and I even loved J.J. Abrams' reboot idea- I want the whole thing to succeed deliriously.

But William Shatner is MY Captain Kirk.

I used to not understand when my dad would say that he didn't like "those new James Bonds"; I was like "What's the big deal- it's the same character?" But it's not the same with Captain Kirk.

William Shatner is MY Captain Kirk.

And it's not just the supposed over-acting, and it's not some childhood nostalgia; Trek was already cancelled and in reruns when I stayed up late at night watching them under the covers on my portable TV. It was already a geeky thing when I came home from Bronx Science and watched the reruns as I waited for my mom to come home from work.

It's the passion that I saw in Captain Kirk's eyes.

Excuse me- It's the passion that I saw in SHATNER'S Captain Kirk's eyes.

Excuse me again- it's the passion that I SEE in Shatner's Captain Kirk's eyes.

The passion for friendship, for romance, and for justice. The passion that has reignited a career over and over again, and still brings people together to enjoy themselves in front of it.

The passion that makes a reboot with Chris Pine even possible.

So, I dedicate this blog, my love for Star Trek, and my love for Trekkies, to William Shatner-

MY Captain Kirk.

If you feel the same way, share this with someone, would ya?

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Rawleigh said...

Yes Indeed, I surly agree!!!
Rawleigh Moreland (Starfleet)