Thursday, December 12, 2013

Captain Picard and TNG Cast sing "Let it Snow!" (Make It So)

The Next Generation Sings "Let It Snow" with Captain Picard!

Even the Next Generation can be cool sometimes...

This fan video makes up for that scene in Generations where it seemed that Picard's dream life is to have a Charles Dickens Christmas. By Bones Rodriguez: ▶ Captain Picard and TNG Cast sing "Let it Snow!":

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why Star Trek Would Kill Star Wars in a Fight - Comediva

Believe it or not, this plainly obvious fight is done with the Next Generation version of Star Trek.
It's my belief that even TOS would kick Star Wars' ass, but check out these great pics:

Why Star Trek Would Kill Star Wars in a Fight - Comediva:

I mean look, Star Wars is for kids, and Star Wars is for real science fiction fans.
I love Star Wars too, but c'mon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I decided to give away some books- And THIS is what happened!

So, we went to SNEAK PREVIEW of STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS on Wednesday night, and so I figured I would stand up and give a way a few books in a fun way... here's what happened:

From 2013-05-17

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Old Spock versus New Spock in a Race To The Club

I got this from my friend Jenny Lando, who saw it on, which is doing a little cross promotion with the Star Trek Into Darkness movie.

There is no such thing as a Star Trek/Nimoy fan who doesn't like this commercial for a German car:
  Old Spock and New Spock, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto

 I mean it has Bilbo Baggins, the young whippersnapper gets his comeuppance, and there are Star Trek lines galore...!
The tag from the Audi YouTube: What happens when old school goes head to head with new school in a battle of speed and wits? Leonard Nimoy takes on newbie Zachary Quinto and his all-new Audi S7.

Friday, February 1, 2013

JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness- JJ Abrams speaks!

Yes! I am really looking forward to the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie coming out this summer, and JJ Abrams (who is normally pretty secretive) has a little to say about it:
 Star Trek Into Darkness JJ Abrams Video


"Relentless" they say- well, I'm hoping to see another action-packed, blockbuster, audience grabbing film that makes more and more people interested in the rest of the world of Star Trek-

Including: CAPTAIN KIRK'S GUIDE TO WOMEN- How To Romance Any Woman In The Galaxy, The finest gift for any Star Trek fan!

 The way I see it, the more people who see the big movies, the more likely it is that we'll see more and more Star Trek stuff happening, and I don't ever want it to go away.

 My cousin doesn't see it this way, but he just misses the old cast. I do too, and I WISH that Shatner would show up somehow! To me, he will always be the REAL Captain Kirk, but I have to admit that I liked Chris Pine in the last film.

 Anyway, I'm sure the general public will like this trailer, and the fanboys will be looking for more clues as to who everyone is playing, but I don't want to know!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dying Fan Gets Private Screening of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Dying Fan Gets Private Screening of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

by  | on January 4, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness Bad Guy
Dying Fan Gets Private Screening of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

So Star Trek has always been about what kind of awesome future we could have with people working together.
And hot chicks.
But even more so now, taking up the ritual is JJ Abrams, who (even though some people don’t really like him) is doing something cool. Real fans like me are excited and happy to see the new Star Trek sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.”, but there’s a kid who has a terminal illness, and one of his dying wishes is to see the new film.
JJ Abrams is going to let him see a sneak showing so he can see it before he dies.
I mean, the whole idea of that is nuts, but I have to admit, if I knew I were dying (and aren’t we all?) I would definitely be feeling like I’d be missing out on that new Star Trek Into Darkness movie. Seems dumb, but I’m not the only one!
“Star Trek Into Darkness” delayed..
There have been production mess ups, so it got pushed back (into darkness?) so there’s even more anticipation. I went to see the 9 minute preview that they showed before The Hobbit, and I loved how exciting it was. I really look forward to it.
But for one fan named Dan, it was something more, as Dan has been diagnosed with a non-treatable form of cancer. On Christmas Day, his friends and family took to the internet, and posted his plea on Reddit.: Help get Dan an advance screening of “Star Trek Into Darkness.”
Whereas I’m sure there are people in the boardrooms of Paramount who would deny the request, no matter how much money they were offered:
For director J.J. Abrams, the good of the one outweighed the good of the boardroom!
“It was truly amazing that a filmmaker so secretive as J.J. Abrams was kind enough to show this to us,” Dan’s wife posted a few days ago. “It is also so wonderful for his friends & his family to finally hear some good news from us, they know how important film is to Daniel & could not think of a better way to please him. So this gesture really has brought a lot of smiles all around.
“It was a wonderful thing to see with Daniel and a wonderful thing to see Daniel enjoy – Making someone as ill as he is smile for any length of time really makes a difference. (At this point making me smile is good too),” she continued. “This is also so poignant as JJ Abrams took so much care in the first ‘Star Trek’ movie to at least TRY to get everything ‘right’ for the fans and we were so touched when he was concerned that we wouldn’t 100% enjoy the screening as it’s still being worked on……. Be assured we enjoyed it 110%!
“We are so grateful thank you, thank you, thank you….”
A great story to start the new year.
Will YOU go see Star Trek Into Darkness?
That’s my plan, and I hope maybe to see you there. And frankly, I hope Dan gets to see it again.