Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The ladies of "FOCUS" discuss Captain Kirk...

Last night I was a guest on the the very funny improv show "FOCUS", which is a parody of "The View". The ladies all had great characters, and chatted, bitched, and interviewed their guests. All of this hilarity took place at the Magnet Theatre in New York City

First was "Sarah", who was an American Idol contestant, and she sang a very cool original song all about wimpy guys. It was a perfect segue for me and:

CAPTAIN KIRK'S GUIDE TO WOMEN- How to Romance Any Woman In The Galaxy.

I demonstrated my Trek-Knowledge to the audience, made some jokes, and gave away some books. The interview surrounded Captain James T. Kirk and his Plasma-Powered Playboy self, but also took some tangents into the world of TV host scandals and such.

A great time had by all!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Captain Kirk's Guide To Women- The Blog!

This is the first entry for the new Blog: Star Trek's Captain Kirk: Pick Up Artist.
I have to admit, the name of this blog is just to catch the attention of the people looking up "PUA" on the internet. Truthfully, I think Captain Kirk is more of a ROMANCER than a "Pick-Up Artist".

The difference is that a PUA is someone who uses skills and tactics to "get" women into bed, and a Romancer is someone who loves LIFE, and is therefore attractive to women. I think a lot of the "PUA" philosophies actually agree that a Romancer is a better kind of PUA.

This blog will go BOLDLY into the book: "Captain Kirk's Guide To Women- How To Romance Any Woman In The Galaxy" by John Bones Rodriguez.